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Installing Wood Floors – Exotic Wood in Arlington, Tx. Edition

Hardwood flooring can add a great deal of beauty

When it comes to installing wood floors, there is nothing quite quite so exciting as an exotic wood.

(The definition of “exotic” is pretty loosey-goosey, but in general means wood grown in lands far away from where you live.)

It is always a conversation starter to have an amazing Australian or beautiful Brazilian import installed in your home when the majority of floors in your area are a standard red oak, as in North Texas.

Brazillian Hardwood Floor Arlington TX

This family in Arlington, Tx. chose a stunning ¾” x 3” Brazilian Chestnut.  This particular product was imported, manufactured and pre-finished by Lumber Liquidators, but there are several other companies that make fine prefinished exotic floorings.

What an improvement over the old carpet that was!  It segued nicely into the existing rosy tile floor:

Also known as Sucupira, Brazilian Chestnut is extremely hard and dense, with a tan to brownish-red color. Like other exotics, Brazilian Chestnut is also photo-sensitive, and will darken over time with exposure to sunlight.

The Hardwood Installation

This installation was a standard nail-down on a concrete subfloor.  That meant laying down a 6 mil poly plastic sheeting, followed by a 5/8” plywood sheathing.  Then The Floorman could nail the Chestnut to the sheathing.



In this instance, while installing these wood floors the homeowners loved them so much they had us run them all the way up the stairs:

Isn’t that gorgeous?

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