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Stone Flooring: Don’t Pay Retail!

Luxurious Stone Floors

High Quality Stone Floors

High Quality Stone Floors

There are few, if any, floors that accent the beauty of your home more than a floor made of natural stone.  Each installed piece is unique, giving an array of colors and shapes that delight the eye.

Natural stone comes from quarries, where smaller sections (after counter-tops and the like are removed) are cut into flooring tiles or squares of varying size and thickness.

Then the stone tiles are either polished, giving your floor a shiny finish, or left unpolished for a more natural look.  Another alternative is the finishing process called “flamed” (rough surface), ideal for slippery areas or exterior use.
The FloorMan can help you into a showroom that has a great selection of wholesale stone flooring products.  These range from the marbles and granite squares to the exotic imported onyx and travertine.

When you have chosen your floor, we then provide the best bonded, insured and qualified craftsmen to put that floor in at a competitive cost.

So – don’t pay retail!  Do what the smart homeowners do – call The FloorMan today!

The FloorMan is a Professional Floor Contractor that Installs:

  • Tile Floors
  • Ceramic Floors
  • Marble Floors
  • Allure Tile
  • Travertine Floors
  • Granite Floors
  • Stone Floors
  • Limestone Floors
  • Flagstone Floors
  • And more

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