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We Install Hand Scraped Wood Floors

For centuries, wood floors were planed with rough tools, necessarily leaving a textured feel and look to the surface.

Hand scraped and distressed wood floors are now in fashion, for a couple of reasons. First, it tends to give the room a homier, more lived-in feel. In addition, the active family with kids and pets can be hard on floors, sometimes leaving dents and scratches; a hand-scraped wood floor takes these dings in stride and still looks great.

The FloorMan can help you acheive that rustic, old wood floor look.

We can hand scrape hickory, oak, bamboo and other wood types.

You can get this look in several different ways. When your solid hardwood floor is being refinished, whether already installed or new, our craftsmen can hand-scrape your floor right on site, before the staining and sealing. This is where it’s important to have a professional floor contractor who knows what they are doing.

Pre-Finished Hand Scraped Floors

Alternatively, many flooring manufacturers now offer pre-finished products that are hand-scraped at the factory and can be installed in the same way and at the same cost as a smooth floor.

Finally, even many laminate flooring product lines now come in a hand-scraped texture look and feel.

Whichever route you choose, hand-scraped wood floors add character, beauty and value to your home environment.

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